Electronically stored information (ESI) has been a major force to be reckoned with over the last decade.  Faced with tens of thousands of e-mails and miles of spreadsheets, Litigators and Paralegals are justified in standing with their mouths agape at both the amount of work electronic discovery can entail and the price tag it sometimes carries.  Add to that the fact that some vendors shroud the process in a technical cloud and try to make the processing of electronic documents seem overly technical and difficult as a means of justifying pricing and it is no wonder why litigation teams cringe at the prospect of dealing with ESI.

Our approach is fundamentally different.  We are interested in long term growth of our business and we know this is best achieved by offering a total solution for E-discovery to our clients, not by wringing every cent out of an individual project.  We understand that the front end definition of the project will impact downstream quality and costs of the project so we partner with you to scope the project, discuss collection options and provide a preliminary data report to give you a roadmap for the file types contained on the media. Once we have given you visibility to the contents of the project, we will work diligently with you to make decisions about how to best cull and process an individual project to meet your timeline and cost objectives.  By spending the time on the front end prior to actual processing we successfully tailor your deliverable so you do not spend time and money reviewing large quantities of non-responsive documents.

Our specialty is in helping firms that have little or no infrastructure to manage E-discovery.  By working with us you can leverage our expertise in implementing processes for review and production of ESI through our E-discovery transition program.  This program offers a full range of support options for firms that are considering implementation of E-discovery programs, or firms that have systems in place but need support help for networks or databases.

We have solutions for every sized firm and all review methods.  Call us for an on-site demonstration of the tools available for electronic discovery and review and a straightforward assessment of how we can help you reduce the cost of electronic documentation processing, review and production.