Document Management


Document management is an integral part of running any successful firm.  With large quantities of case related and business documents, a firm needs an effective policy and top notch implementation in order to control costs, meet regulatory requirements and allow for efficient access to information.  ECM (enterprise content management) solutions  abound and it can be laborious to research and choose the right system.    SDS can help you craft and implement a content management program based on your individual needs.  As a consultant, we will work with your team to assess your needs, present complete solution architectures and guide you through the various stages of implementation.  We offer a range of solutions targeted at the small to mid-sized firm.  Whether you are looking for a full turnkey solution or you need to augment internal resources during implementation, SDS can help you with a succesful transistion.


Companies often have large quantities of legacy documents that take up valuable space and are difficult to access. SDS offers a special program to scan and index these documents to transition them into new or existing content management systems. By digitizing these documents, efficiencies are achieved that typcially far outweigh the costs associated with the scanning. The savings in retrieval time, protection from damage and destruction, and the elimination of storage and duplication costs make the ROI attractive. Contact us for a realistic ROI analysis of your specific situation and we can help you determine if this solution is right for your business.